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Meet Our Instructors

Dawn Spires - Owner/Instructor

My personal yoga journey began several years ago while on vacation. I knew after the first class I would continue once I returned home. One year later, my yoga instructor mentioned she was offering a one year teacher training program. Having experienced so many wonderful benefits of yoga in all areas of my life, I decided to join. It was never my intention to teach but to simply add this knowledge to my personal yoga tool box. After receiving my certification a few friends, employees and family members begged me to teach them. I agreed to a six week class held in my sister's living room. I was overwhelmed with the joy, relaxation and calmness they exuded by the end. I decided right then to make teaching yoga part of my life. I am so proud to be the owner of the Dallas Oregon Yoga and Balance Studio. Join us and see where your yoga journey might lead.

Amy Sledge - Yoga Instructor

I began practicing yoga at age 15. Other types of  fitness classes always felt like I was punishing myself. I felt uncomfortable during/after and I never felt as if I successfully completed my fitness goals. Yoga was different. It made sense to me, it helped with my teenage hormones and regulated my sleep. I was able to set and realize my fitness goals which led to many more milestones of achievement. Yoga made me feel healthy and vital. It compelled me to carry that feeling into other facets of my life, such as my nutrition and mental well-being. I also enjoy being a mother of two active boys and working on our hobby farm. I like to raise my own food when I can, another passion in my life next to yoga. I also enjoy crafting, sewing, quilting and woodworking. Most of all I enjoy sharing time with a diverse group of people exploring the amazing journey that begins with yoga.

Jo Arras - Chair Yoga Instructor

Several years ago I developed arthiritis. What a surprise! I had seen first hand what a lifestyle of non-movement meant for the future. Yoga was like a small miracle for me. It increased my flexibility and balance and decreased the pain I experienced. I'm not like I was before arthiritis, but I am way better than years ago. I want to help others improve. So, join me, let's see how chair yoga can help you improve.

Kristine Blanchard - PiYo Instructor

My fitness journey began around 2011 when I became injured. After 9 months of recovery, I had lost all strength & had to start from scratch. In hindsight, it was probably the best thing for me. I had led a sedentary lifestyle climbing the corporate ladder & lost sight of my health. My changes through recovery led me to become a health & fitness coach with Team Beachbody. Through the many programs, I regained my strength & continue to do so. One of the programs I fell in love with was PiYo. It is a high intensity, low-impact workout that works on flexibility, cardio & strength-at the same time. I decided that the next step in helping others is to share this amazing program by becoming certified to teach it & bring it to a live setting.  I look forward to working with you to become the best you that you can be.

Linda Dalke - Yoga Instructor

Though a teacher for three decades, Linda Dalke sees herself as a student of life. She invites learning and growth, and is endlessly fascinated with the soul’s capacity for child-like wonder. In her yoga practice, Linda finds great joy in creating opportunities to navigate the journey of life in community. She believes that addressing the needs of the body and mind with consistent intention and attention provides the best opportunity to thrive.

Rachel Culpovich - Yoga Instructor

Yoga has been a part of my life since I was a child. Seeing that I was very flexible and energetic, my oldest sister taught me a few asanas, and I instantly loved moving and twisting my body into the poses. In high school, yoga was a way for me to find peace and serenity amidst the stresses of homework and social life. I was drawn to a lifestyle of health and my first job was at a gym. I went to the yoga classes regularly and started to develop my own practice. Recently, I graduated from  Western Oregon University, and I look forward to putting down roots in the Willamette Valley. The balance and synergy of yoga carried me through the challenges of completing my degree by keeping my mind centered and tension eased. Besides practicing yoga I enjoy creating anything with my hands from throwing pottery on the wheel to gardening and baking. It is my hope that I will spread my enthusiasm for yoga and cultivate a welcoming place of health and healing for all.

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